Pasta my ishstyle

IMG_20180823_202738When it comes to cooking  I always prefer something simple which can fill my tummy and is healthy too.

This dish is one of my favorites. My mother used to give it to us for breakfast or dinner whenever I and my brother wanted to  eat something different.  The sauce which my mother used to make was a combination of veggies instead of only tomato and a mix of cheese and milk.

Sharing the recipe with you all. Hope you like it.

200 gms of pasta

1 large onion sliced

1 large capsicum sliced

2 tomatoes sliced

Ginger garlic paste 1 to 2 teaspoon

1 carrot sliced

Few chunks of Mushrooms (5 -10 mushrooms cut into 3-4 pieces each), baby corn or corn , olives  , peas

Milk half cup

Mayonnaise two spoons

Cheese four cubes



First of all put the pasta in boiling water. Once it is half cooked remove the water and keep the pasta asides. Wa

Now shallow fry the mushrooms peas and baby corn and keep aside.  In the same pan add onion andginger garlic paste. Once it is translucent add capsicum and carrot. Cook for seven to eight minutes. Now add the tomatoes and stir well.

Also add salt oregano 1 teaspoon  and pepper powder  1 teaspoon. Once the tomatoes melt, put off the flame and let the veggies cool for ten minutes.

Now put the prepared veggies in a mixture and grind it to form a thick paste. You can also add some water to make more sauce. Now place the grinded mixture in pan again. Also add the fried baby corn mushrooms and peas along with olives

To this mixture add  milk  mayonaise and grated cheese 1 cube. Keep on stirring till the sauce becomes a bit thick .

Now add the cooked pasta.  The sauce should cover the entire pasta. Also add salt oregano and pepper

Garnish with grated cheese.

Hope you like the recipe.


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